Joy Behar Called Out For Controversial Thanksgiving Remarks On 'The View'; Here's What She Said [VIDEO]

Cover picture for the articleJoy Behar had Twitter fans enraged over her recent statement about the LGBTQIA+ community during the Thanksgiving episode of "The View."; What did she say?. In a recent episode of the show, Behar sat down with other panel members in a fall-themed set. In one moment, the host opened up about...

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Joy Behar is a stupid fool and so is anybody who listens to her vomit she spews from its mouth or whatever orfice she speaks out of. FJB

Fed Up American.

I have a great idea let's just Take the show off the air and maybe some of this racial and transgender fighting will come to a stop. The View is nothing but a bunch of gossip happy rich women keeping everybody stirred up about everything. They are as bad as the news media constantly talking about the virus ,how great this president is doing .None of which is true and the people are sick of it . I don't even listen to the news anymore or read a paper. They all lie and stir the people up. Take them all off TV. The View ,The News and anyone who can't tell the truth about what is going on in this world.


Who wants to hear this has-been Beast talk ? WHO is dumb enough to listen to her ? Do you get drunk or high first ? Why don’t you get a dog ?


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