Meet MrBeast: The YouTuber who gives away millions of dollars to random people

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Cover picture for the articleThe name MrBeast is everywhere right now but no one seems to know much about him or his personal life beyond YouTube. We all just know he makes ridiculous amounts of money by pulling off wild stunts on his YouTube channel and giving away millions of dollars and insane prizes to...

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Leslie Broyles

I applaud them in helping people. As a single mom who struggles every single day to pay this bill and leave that one. Rent is a major expense and always leaves us barely getting by even with me working. I wish more "well off people" would do this and maybe people who are legitimately struggling, wouldn't have to worry about it either being paid rent, paid utilities, or payed emergency car repairs that we face. Gas is well over 3$ a gallon and think this is a wonderful thing for anyone to do for people who struggle. Peace of mind is important when raising a child and it seems what these people are doing is alleviating some of those stresses struggling parents like myself have. Its hard to manage money, when you barely have any, seems like there is always a shortage somewhere and whether we want to admit it or not, our kids feel it too. Kudos to anyone who helps people less fortunate than them. This is awesome!!

Shennae Medley

I believe you're a blessing and true blessings are blessings that keeps on blessing.Any help is better than no help at all.And people loose hope.God is good and so are you.Have a blessed day.If you can help in a little way I would be greatful.I need help paying for meds and ensure drinks or utilities.

Gentry Lee Holly

ya I really need help I lost everything I am trying to get my Family back together but I cant because I need to find a house furniture appliances and everything I just don't know how I am going to do it but you are amazing Mr beast my son loves you he's been watching you since he was about 5 and he's 13 now God bless you and everything you do have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas and New years God bless you


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