Another 5,000 lbs. of goldfish removed from Carver County lakes

Bring Me The News
Bring Me The News
Nov 25, 2021

Efforts to reverse an infestation in Carver County lakes continued this week with the removal of another 5,000 lbs. of goldfish.

The Carver County Water Management Organization posted an image of the haul they took from Big Woods and McKnight lakes in Chaska this weel.

"New techniques are being used to capture fish that are smaller in size but larger in population numbers," it noted in the post.

Goldfish in Carver County lakes have become a huge issue over the past two years, with local authorities first noticing a buildup of the fish in spring 2019 in Big Woods Lake.

Their proliferation is believed to have spawned thanks to one or more people dumping their household pets into local waters.

Goldfish are an invasive species in Minnesota and can cause problems for native plants and animals. The fish uproot plants and compete with native species for food and shelter.

Similar to the carp, they can also easily reproduce and survive with low levels of oxygen during the winter in Minnesota.

You can find more details on the county's goldfish removal project on its website.

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