Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Tensions Heighten After POTUS Ignored VP at DC Soup Kitchen

Cover picture for the articleJoe Biden and Kamala Harris' silent feud reportedly continued this week. According to reports, Harris joined Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, when they visited a soup kitchen in DC to prepare meals for those in need. The New York Post pointed out that this is Biden and Harris's...

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The world is watching. This administration is risking the safety of each and everyone of us. Both are inept. The power lies in 2022. Vote SURVIVAL.

Black Diamond

President Biden and VP Harris! please take note, this country USA is in shambles and hurting, no matter the skin color, we need your help as a People so I do suggest that you both get up from your seats of and do something for the good of the American People. Blessings upon everyone 🙏🏾❤️

Diana Laker

bidens speech with the first lady saying how nice it is to sit around the dining room table full of food oh yeah and of course dessert 💩 I'm sorry but 1000's and 1000's of America's are out of work, lost their businesses so on and so forth. They can barely put food on their tables let alone gifts. I'm so sick and tired of these democrats , they do not care about the American people. this stimulus money, what a joke. People are in a severe crisis situation and having trouble just getting by. As long as they get their pay checks they don't give a sh.. about us. I put 20 dollars in my gas tank and it only gave me just over a quarter. I wonder if these democrats worry about if they'll have enough money to fill their gas tanks. THEY'RE STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT IF THEY SHOULD SEND OUT MORE STIMULUS MONEY. THERE SHOULD BE NO DISCUSSION, ITS A NO BRAINER🤯 😡💩😡🤡👹


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