Many Americans Will Receive $1,800 Stimulus Check Before Christmas Along with Monthly Payments Waiting in 2022

Cover picture for the articleThe IRS's next wave of stimulus checks, which will be sent three weeks from tomorrow, will be different from the previous six tranches of payments. In 2021, this will be the final round of Child Tax Credit stimulus checks. Since July, the federal government has been sending them out...

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Neicey Jones

They need to focus on the elderly, people on disability, veterans and why hasn't people that claim an elderly parent getting a dependent credit like these people that is getting this child tax credit??

David Sutton

I don't believe taxpayers should be rewarding people to have kids. It's not my responsibility to support others kids. GET A JOB. Don't have them if you can't afford them!

kerri esler

If people could COMPREHEND what they read instead of being all... WHAT ABOUT ME...I WANT MONEY. This isn't a stimulus or FREE money. It's an advance on ur tax return. SOMEONE in ur home HAS to work to file taxes.Now...I will say that the proposal best get turned down because illegal citizens shouldn't be getting any money from our government.


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