Trump argues Jan. 6 panel's pursuit of his records could permanently damage the presidency

NBC News
NBC News
 9 days ago

Cover picture for the articleAttorneys for former President Donald Trump on Wednesday argued that the pursuit of his White House records by a congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol could have long-lasting, harmful effects on the presidency. "The [committee’s] clear disdain for President Trump is leading them to a...

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9d ago

Could damage Trump and he's running scared..... GIVE THE DOCUMENTS..... Trump thinks he's so innocent, why is he trying so hard to hide.....

uncle grape
9d ago

he's not president. if he cared about the institution of our country he wouldn't have called his terrorists to desecrate democracy and the constitution

Phyllis Timberlake
9d ago

What did he do for four years, play golf, throwing tantrums of a four year old child, steal from the US government, insult others , encourage citizens to drink clorox , tried everything in the book to start a war so he could be labeled a "WAR PRESIDENT" and catered to the Talisman.


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