Virginia professor to step down after backlash to research on 'minor-attracted' people

NBC News
NBC News
 9 days ago

Cover picture for the articleA Virginia professor whose academic research on “minor-attracted people” sparked threats and a petition calling for their removal announced their resignation Wednesday, university officials and the professor said in a joint statement. Allyn Walker will remain on leave until they step down as a professor of criminal justice and...

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9d ago

Most of the liberal professors at universities would not be there except for biased liberal board of directors. Most universities boards need to be purged. new board members need to be interviewed and then elected. providing a unbiased board. These liberal professors that are given tenure by these boards, can dot their I's and cross their T's. But have no sense whatsoever. Language like this it's only from people who parrot talking points of the far-left Democrats , NO new original thinking is going on

8d ago

Good that fruit loop needs serious councilor's ! Or sent to Afghanistan to try his study on the Taliban they like lil sissy boys

Prashant Patel
9d ago

where is the English? Hard to read when proper English is not being used


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