Rep. Greene introduces bill to award Congress’s highest honor to Kyle Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two men

Washington Post
 10 days ago

Cover picture for the articleRep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has introduced a bill to award the Congressional Gold Medal — the legislative branch’s highest honor — to Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who last week was found not guilty of homicide and other charges related to his fatal shooting of two men during a protest against...

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Darrell Roberts
10d ago

Yet, she opposed awarding medals to law enforcement personnel for their actions during the January 6 insurrection. Sounds about right for an anti-sensical Karen type.

Jamie Kelly
10d ago

Two human beings died regardless of what you think about the trial. They had families who loved them and to make someone like this a hero is a grotesque and inhuman display of ignorance and disregard for human life. Republicans have cemented their legacy as the party of vulgarity. 🤮

10d ago

I think the bigger issue is, few Republicans in the house or senate condemn this woman. I think that speaks volumes about their party.


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