Bidens spend Thanksgiving in Nantucket

CBS News
 9 days ago

Cover picture for the articlePresident Biden and his family are spending Thanksgiving on Massachusett's Nantucket island, in keeping with their annual tradition. Mr. Biden arrived Tuesday evening, and will remain there through the holiday weekend. The Bidens have been staying on Nantucket for decades, a tradition that began when Mr. Biden was a senator. It...

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9d ago

Him and obama. always use their security team for holi days. Just stay home and let these men be with their families….joe is very selfish……these poor security guys have to stand and watch him every day…my god let them have thanksgiving g with THEIR family…….sad. He and odumbo did the same thing.

san antonio
9d ago

I don’t care where he spends the holiday. He is a loser every day of the week. Sure, maybe he could have stayed at the White House as an attempt to show “sacrifice” for his traditional day, but it doesn’t matter. He is a loser wherever he lands. 🤮🤮🤮

Ed A
9d ago

Must be an interesting time being in a millionaire's home. I wonder when he'll whisper, "hey man, you should pay your fare share"


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