How many Minnesota kids age 5-11 have received a COVID vaccine dose?

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Bring Me The News
Nov 24, 2021

One in five Minnesota children age 5-11 has now received a COVID vaccine.

The state's vaccination dashboard shows that as of Nov. 22, a total of 102,202 5- to 11-year-olds have received at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine, which was approved for use in young children on Nov. 2.

That amounts to 20% of all kids in that age range in the state, according to the data.

Gov. Tim Walz's office, in a news release earlier this week, lauded the increasing figures.

"Right now, thousands of families are stepping up to get their children vaccinated and boost their own protection," he said in an announcement. “I am proud of our state for meeting this moment and doing our part to curb this current surge."

That 20% figure means Minnesota ranks sixth in the nation for percentage of kids 5-11 who have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, according to Walz's office.

Walz's administration has been urging parents to get unvaccinated children vaccinated, offering various incentives and providing a specific web page to help find vaccination sites for young kids.

It comes as the virus continues to run rampant throughout the state.

COVID hospitalizations have been hovering around record levels, pushing health care systems to their limit and necessitating help from the Minnesota National Guard and federal medical teams.

Schools continue to be hit hard as well. Among recent developments:

“We need every eligible Minnesotan vaccinated to slow the spread of COVID in our schools and communities and help our overburdened hospitals," Walz said.

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Don’t do this. The effects on kids are so very minimal. Which makes you kind of wonder why the government continues to push this on kids, or anyone for that matter. The government and media continue to hide the stories of those effected badly and permanently by this vaccine. It’s a disgrace!! I encourage those who have had problems are having problems or lost someone to the vaccine to continue to tell your stories, no one else is and people need to know.

Downtown East Minneapolis

Why would any parent inject their child with something they have zero idea of long term problems


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