Eric Bischoff Gives an Update on Hulk Hogan's Health Status


Cover picture for the articleHulk Hogan's health struggles has been a topic of concern for wrestling fans over the past few weeks. It started when Brooke Hogan, Hulk's daughter, was on Hollywood Raw and confirmed the WWE Hall of Famer had recently undergone his 25th surgery in the past decade, saying, "So he's had both...

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H Wolfe III

Pro Wrestling takes a tremendous toll on the body, Despite all the surgeries, Hulk actually has beaten the odds, because their life expectancy is about 40.


👍 hulk all the way brother..ur a real man in my eyes man I wish you and your family a good healthy life NWO TILL IM GONE 😁🤞💯.

Grammys Corner

We were stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and WWF came, We took our kids and we got front row seats and I was on the end seat next to where they all came strutting down, They announced The Hulkster and he was stopping in the isle doing his I can't hear you call and he stopped right next to me and man, my hand took on a mind of it's own, I was about 30, I reached out and put my hand on his bicep and it was rock hard and he wasn't even flexing and he look down and up at me and smiled, bodyguards didn't do anything either, my kids who are in their 40's still remember that to this day. He is kind to people and cares about fans.


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