Yes, Addiction Is a Mental Illness

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Cover picture for the articlePeople living with addiction have brain differences that need treatment, but stigma often stands in their way. Mental illness and substance use disorder (SUD) often occur together. It’s unclear which issue happens first, but each can contribute to the other. Genetics and early exposure to trauma are two factors...

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Lona Doyle

Addiction is genetics, a disease, and certainly a mental health disorder. That's what some people don't understand. Getting sober is very hard. Especially when you don't rely on medical treatment. But staying sober is daily fight. Once an addict forever will be an addict and classified as one to society. Being a statistic in the opioid crisis ruins lives. Seperate yourself from certain people and contacts and start over in a whole new setting. Some are the lucky ones that are able to do so with support. And some aren't so fortunate and turn to heroin and other deadly substances. It's a daily struggle and mental health is a huge part of it.

Deirdre Keeney

Incarceration doesn't help an addiction. It doesn't make sense to take a NONVIOLENT drug offender and force them into an atmosphere where they need to become violent to survive. These people don't do long jail sentences and get released from prison angry and Violent. This is a big reason that our society has become so Violent

D Jones

(No it's not )It's a choice. Definition of a disease is heart disease ,high blood pressure etc It became a disease when it started affecting the rich kids


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