At Mass, Parishioners Oppose Catholic Officials Who Forced Student to Remove Pride Shirt

Cover picture for the articleCommunity members have rallied around a Catholic school student who was forced to remove a Pride shirt, an action the local archdiocese is now defending. Students and parishioners at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Baltimore and its attached school wore rainbow face masks and shirts with “I am a child...

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There’s no room for pride shirts or masks in a Catholic Church or school. Sin is an abomination to God. Read your bible or Catholic catechism. You can befriend you gay friends as people but you cannot defend the sin. Their moral decisions are theirs and they can present their case before their Creator, but you too will be required to defend your support for sin to your God.

Jayne Petersen

they should not have worn that in a place where it's opposed ! just trying to stir up trouble and get their 15 minutes of fame. what parent would allow their chdren to wear that at a church when they know the stance of the church on that issue! probably weren't even church members!

Jim Crouch

"The student who was made to remove the shirt (whose mother asked that her name not be used) said that when she was instructed to do so, she ‘was left confused.’ . . ." No, she was already confused. This just shed a light on her confused parents who allow children they are supposed to protect to be corrupted by a deviant point of view.


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