Shaquille O'Neal On People Calling Him A 'Hater': "It's Not That I’m A Hater. It’s Just That I Have Seen Real Greatness. If You Not Equal Or Above That, You Get No Props From Me.”

Cover picture for the articleShaquille O'Neal does not mince words when speaking about basketball, and that certainly leads to a ton of headlines. Regardless, he remains one of the most loved basketball players because of his entertaining personality. Over the years, individuals have come at Big Diesel for his takes on several topics...

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I got to meet this guy while I was in the Army. A genuinely nice man. Incredible successful story! Talented athlete and mastermind investment mogul!

Michael Kurse

That is why the NBA ratings have dropped 75% based on population growth from the Jordan Era. The talent in the league and the style of play have turned off casual fans. Not to mention the added burden of privileged athletes complaining about America. The NBA will continue its downward spiral. They may have to move to China.

Masshole (The Real)

NBA has been soft for years now! Players come out of college being coddled and can’t take any criticism. And yes, I’m a Boston Celtics fan and Jason Tatum is one of those players!


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