Nutritionists Say You Should Be Eating These Protein-Rich Foods Everyday For Increased Fat Burn


Protein is one of the primary macronutrients needed within a balanced diet for weight loss, helping to boost your metabolism and naturally increase fat burn within the body. Great for fueling the muscles after a workout to improve performance over time, protein is vital for effortless weight loss as it also increases satiety, leading you to become less prone to overeating. However, there are some protein sources which are better than others when it comes to fueling fat loss, and the leaner options are often better for helping you to achieve optimal results.

It’s first and foremost essential to understand why a faster metabolism will help to improve your ability to lose weight in order to tailor your diet for this goal. Your metabolism determines how effectively your body burns through food as energy, increasing the calories you torch throughout the day and effectively making it easier to maintain the necessary calorie deficit for weight loss.

“A higher protein diet helps build lean muscle mass when combined with strength training exercises. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat cells, meaning that the body burns more calories to maintain this lean muscle mass, even while you are resting,” explains Allison Herries, MS, RDN and creator of Bite Out of Life Nutrition. Not only this, but protein rich foods with a higher thermic effect can cause your body to exert more energy when digesting them, effectively burning fat simply through eating. With this, if you’re looking to optimize your diet for weight loss and speed up your metabolism for a naturally easier time reaching your goals, dietitians agree on these four sources as the best of the best for your body.

Lean Meats

While red meats are undeniably delicious, it’s the leaner options which are going to provide a more valuable source of protein to the body for weight loss as they are often lower in calories and fat. “Lean meats, including chicken, turkey, and fish, are excellent protein options. This is because the majority of calories in lean meats come directly from protein,” explains Herries. “For example, 100 grams of chicken breast provides around 31 grams of protein with only 165 calories.” If you don’t follow a vegetarian diet it can be useful including lean meat in one to two meals each day for the best results.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein which can be prepared in a number of ways to keep variety in your diet. A perfect dish to start off the morning, eggs will help to keep you full for hours, reducing snacking for healthy weight loss. “Studies have shown that eating eggs not only increases your metabolism but it also increases satiety levels. Feeling fuller for longer means that you are less likely to eat more during the day,” says registered dietitian Brenda Peralta. “You can have 2-3 eggs daily with no problem.” Even following this banana pancake recipe which features two eggs will help to jumpstart calorie burn first thing in the morning for a healthier body.

Greek Yogurt

If you follow a vegetarian diet, Greek yogurt is a great high-protein option which can stoke fat burn and boost your metabolism with ease. “Greek yogurt is low in carbs and high in protein. In most cases, my clients have a hard time looking to increase their protein intake into their snacks, and Greek yogurt is an excellent way to achieve that,” suggests Peralta. “One cup a day provides around 15-20g of protein which is more than enough for a snack.” Add some berries on top for a healthy source of antioxidants and you’ll have a balanced breakfast or snack perfect for weight loss while keeping you full.

Cottage Cheese

In the case that you’re monitoring your fat consumption, cottage cheese is another wonderful protein option which is low in fat but can help to boost the metabolism naturally. “Cottage cheese is a low-fat protein that is very versatile,” says Peralta. “You can add veggies to increase your fiber intake and provide more satiety. One cup of cottage cheese per day is enough to provide around 25 g of protein (which is the same as 3.5 oz of chicken).” Cottage cheese toast is a great breakfast option, and paired with an egg or two you can nearly reach your daily protein intake in one meal to keep you full and satiated as you work towards sustainable weight loss.

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