Jake Paul and Tommy Fury exchange insults at chaotic press conference

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The Independent

Tempers flared between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury ahead of the pair’s highly-anticipated fight next month in Tampa Bay.

With Paul dialled in through Zoom, and relaxing at a swimming pool in Puerto Rico, the exchange quickly went off the rails.

Fury was joined by world heavyweight champion and brother Tyson Fury in addition to his father John Fury.

Both men appeared confident from the outset with Fury maintaining he will “break Paul’s face completely”, while the YouTube star is adamant this will be “an easier fight than Tyron [Woodley]”, which saw Paul emerge victorious via decision against the former UFC champion .

“Fighting wins fights,” insisted Fury. “I’m not engaging in this. I’m not on Instagram as I don’t care. When he jumps through the ropes and realises I’m not a YouTuber and gets a jab landed on that chin, he’ll be saying, ‘pull me out’.

“This is easy money for me. I’m going to rob the bank, thank you very much. I can’t miss that jaw. I’ll bust you up.

“I’ll break your face completely in. I hope you’re ready. You’re an absolute state and will get a reality check.”

While Paul also exchanged insults with Fury’s father, calling him “a cringe old man” after a series of vulgar insults were directed at his girlfriend.

The world heavyweight champion also chipped in, backing his younger brother to “knock Paul into next week”.

But rather than react negatively to the WBC champion, Paul thanked him for helping to hyping the fight, even suggesting, “he should be getting paid Tommy’s purse, he’s promoting the fight more than Tommy.”

The pair then recalled a brief encounter at Paul’s afterparty following the Woodley fight, which saw Fury also feature on the undercard with a routine points win over Anthony Taylor .

Fury maintains Paul reacted angrily to discovering he was attending his party and ordered security to remove him and his group of friends.

While Paul maintains Fury was previously cordial with him after meeting years ago, adding: “Tommy asked me for a picture at Ricky Hatton’s gym!”

Promoter Frank Warren insists Fury will deliver a “reality check” to Paul, but admits the YouTube star deserves praise for stepping up to the challenge against a professional boxer.

“I am excited, it’s very exciting, I’ve never been involved in anything like this,” Warren said. “This is an ongoing anti-social media feud. It’s getting worse!

“Come the night, the talking will be done. Jake Paul has done brilliantly, he’s taken himself seriously. He’s not got an amateur background, Tommy has, from a traditional boxing family, with seven pro fights.

“This is a reality check for Jake, I expect Tommy to win this fight and be successful. Jake has a big point to prove. I take my hat off, he’s stepping up to the plate, this is in front of the world, a huge audience, new to me, but the winner of this fight, which I believe will be Tommy, will be one of the most famous people on the planet. I’m so excited!”

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