VIDEO: Golden Eagle Rides On Antelope’s Back… Slowly Eating Him Bite By Bite

Whiskey Riff
Whiskey Riff

Eagles… symbols of freedom, ‘Merica, and Harley Davidson, there’s a certain elegance that’s associated with eagles, especially the bald eagle.

But ain’t nothing elegant about this…

Golden eagles in particular have been known to drag mountain goats off a cliff, used to hunt wild pigs, and have even been documented trying to fly away with small children.

Skilled, ruthless hunters of the sky… when you look at your pet parakeet, eagles are more akin to flying dinosaurs then they are that bird you keep in a cage at home.

If you need any more proof, check this out.

Video was captured somewhere out West, perhaps Wyoming, featuring a golden eagle with its talons dug deep into the back of a pronghorn, or American antelope as they’re commonly known.

As the antelope stumbles about, the eagle’s talons dig deeper and deeper, as it eats the antelope alive, bite by bite.

If there’s a worse way to die, I’m not sure I’ve seen it…

Way over in Kyrgyzstan, one tried to fly off with an 8 year old girl.

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Denise Osborne

Sorry but find people using this tragic thing to either make political jokes OR even more dist6is the a-hole who films death happening to get an audience. Life, any life, is still life. To take or to watch it be taken is disturbing....

Hellan Cataldo

This is comparable to what the Democrats and Joe Biden are doing to Americans. it's a slow painful death to America that's right before our eyes

James Copic

all kidding aside though that kind of reminds me of Joe Biden on America right now but he's doing to America


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