I'm constantly bossed around and belittled by my adult son. How do I get him to stop?

Cover picture for the articleYou can't change your son's behavior, but you can change how you interact with him. You should tell your son how his words and actions make you feel, and set boundaries if he continues. Reconsider the boundaries your son has set too. Ask him about why he set them...

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Beth Janousek

he wants control. was his dad that way? might be taking after him. as for the shot, your choice. as for your money, sounds like he wants it. watch out. he may try to take control by saying you can't . get a lawyer, draw up papers as to who in the invent of you being incapable of handling your affairs takes control. I don't trust him. get everything in writing, house, bank account, retirement funds, ect. make sure you have someone with your best interests in charge. he's up to something.

Lydia de Los Santos

wants to act like he's in adult well open up the door get his luggage and all his belongings and say bye don't let the door hit him where the sun don't shine

Flynn Rider

sounds like the way you raised him. put your foot down. tell him he can treat you with decency and respect or he can take a flying leap.


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