Mick Jagger Supposedly Wants To Fight Paul McCartney Over Rolling Stones Insults, Sketchy Source Claims


Is Mick Jagger about to physically fight Paul McCartney? Rock royalty’s been sniping each other for the last month, and one report says they’re ready to drop gloves. Gossip Cop investigates.

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According to the Globe, McCartney and Jagger are finally about to fight. Their 60-year rivalry has boiled over this month. McCartney belittled the Rolling Stones as a “blues cover band,” and Jagger is not happy about it. An insider says, “Mick considers the guy a stuck-up, pretentious piece of work who deserves to rot in hell.”

McCartney apparently thinks Jagger is just as overrated, but Jagger thinks he’s far more talented than the Beatle. Jagger is usually pretty passive, but a nerve has been touched. An insider concludes, “To Mick, Stones are the better band because they’re still together and pumping out performances while The Beatles dried up after a few years.”

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The tabloid believes the “She’s a Rainbow” singer is ready to crush the “Beatle like a bug.’ The quotes in this story are all from weeks ago. There’s been no fighting or barbs in that time, so this story is nonsensical. Mick Jagger got the humorous last word when he told an LA crowd, “Paul McCartney is here.

He’s going to help us — he’s going to join us in a blues cover later.” Those sound like the words of a legend with nothing to prove and a sense of humor to boot.  Much has been made about the Stones and Beatles rivalry. Books have been published about it in fact, but they’ve always gotten along more than the media let on.

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Jagger did backup vocals on “‘All You Need Is Love,” while John Lennon and McCartney gave the Stones “I Wanna Be Your Man.” They’re old friends. Jagger and McCartney could box on pay per view and generate millions, but come on now.

They’re both going to be octogenarians in a few years and have far better things to do. This silly and thin story is impossible to believe. The Globe repeatedly misses the mark with Jagger stories. It claimed he would have his ninth child earlier this year, but that didn’t happen.

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It exploited the death of Charlie Watts in a  story about a supposed blood feud with Jagger. Just because Watts nearly killed Jagger with one punch doesn’t mean they hated each other for 50 years. McCartney’s criticism certainly got the world’s attention, but he’s not going to get crushed over it.

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