Alex Rodriguez pursuing Demi Moore after Jennifer Lopez split: Rumor


Alex Rodriguez is, allegedly, interested in dating Demi Moore.

According to Woman’s Day, Alex Rodriguez has finally moved on from his ex, Jennifer Lopez, and he’s now ready to find love again.

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A source claimed that Moore is the perfect woman for Rodriguez because she could thrust him back into the spotlight. After all, this is something that he couldn’t, allegedly, do on his own.

Rodriguez was a famed baseball star for years, but he wasn’t as famous as the other athlete. But when he started dating Lopez, he suddenly became more popular.

Following his split from Lopez, Rodriguez has not been making headlines as much as he used to.

The source also claimed that Rodriguez has had a crush on Moore for quite some time now.

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“He thinks she’s still incredibly sexy and has long fantasized about dating her. Now, he’s trying his best to make that happen,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Rodriguez first felt a spark with Moore as far back as 10 years ago when they hung out together with their group of friends.

However, the insider also said that it’s unlikely for Moore to reciprocate Rodriguez’s feelings because she’s content being single.

“And even if she did want to date again, she’s not interested in a guy who’s all about the show,” the source said.

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Meanwhile, Rodriguez previously made headlines after he was photographed strolling Ibiza with his rumored girlfriend, Melanie Collins.

Days earlier, he also reunited with his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis sparking rumors that they have gotten back together.

However, Rodriguez has not yet confirmed his relationship as of late. But fans know that Lopez has already moved on from Rodriguez with Affleck.

Still, there’s no proof that Rodriguez is dating anyone right now. And it’s obvious that the tabloids are just speculating on his possible love interests for the simple reason that he’s single.

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In September, Rodriguez also made headlines amid claims that he and Affleck are at odds with each other that’s why the actor played a prank on the athlete.

However, there’s also no proof that this happened.

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He’s just as desperate as JLO. Can they just sit and breathe for about two years … alone!?! 🙄


These headlines make him seem desperate but I think that’s all it is, a headline no actual truth.

Albert Jackson

these people have no soul, they are just pursuing happiness but can never have it...yeah I used to want (like many people) to be a celebrity and famous, not anymore, not anymore, not anymore, did I say not anymore? well in cat I didn't NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!


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