Killers of 999 workers will face life in prison as PC’s widow wins fight for law change

Sunderland Echo

Cover picture for the articleA two-year campaign by a police officer’s widow to give mandatory life sentences to the killers of emergency service workers has been backed by the government. Police officer Andrew Harper was killed in 2019 in the line of duty while answering a late-night burglary call. Three teenagers were jailed for...

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Harry Balsack

Law enforcement officers know the risks going into their career choice. When an officer is killed, it's just like any other dangerous career choice. 1st degree murder should get the max penalty regardless of the career choice the victim made!

307 life

so do these police officers get the same punishment for killing the citizens of America you are litterally 80% more likely to be shot by a cop then that cop being shot by a civilian but then they investigate themselves and find no wrong doing


I agree with this but officers should be given mandatory life too when they unlawfully murder citizens. They should also be given life when they are caught planting evidence and lying on the stand. They should be given life when they cover up the crimes of their fellow offices.


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