Justin Timberlake Wants To 'Talk Privately' With Britney Spears


Cover picture for the articleDespite sharing a public apology to his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears on Instagram earlier this year, Justin Timberlake reportedly has more to get off his chest and wants to speak privately with the singer now that her 13-year conservatorship has finally come to an end. To recap, the duo dated...

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but their breakup back then was brought about her emotional decline. I think jumping into marriages afterwards was just to fill the void. She was deeply effected by the breakup. I think she had truly believed they would be end game, and then rug was pulled out from under her. He definitely made it much harder for her than it should of and was for her. He was anything but a gentleman at the time about it.

Kiesha Moore

they have actually stayed friends she went to his birthday party and spent the night with him in 2003 a year after they broke up she has said she wants to collab with Justin and she called him a musical genius so I am sure they will be in contact with each other now that she is aloud to have friends again if your interested in any of the videos about what I said I can put the links to them

Jennifer L Johnson

That’s crazy now that she’s married that Justin would wanna talk to her? I think Justin should just write her a letter.


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