Study: LA Clippers Fans are More Supportive Than Los Angeles Lakers Fans


While there is no denying the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers have a larger fanbase than the LA Clippers do, a recently study by WSN concludes that fans of the Clippers are more supportive than fans of the Lakers.

The study looks at the percentage of comments that are positive following a game’s outcome, and the percentage of comments that are negative following a game’s outcome. What is found, is that 47% of comments following a Clippers’ win are positive, while just 41% of comments following a Lakers' win are positive.

Contrarily, 52% of comments from the Clippers’ fanbase following a loss are positive, while Laker fans are at just 42% positive following a loss. While it’s hard to place too much stock into these metrics, considering it’s nearly impossible to determine who actually supports what team, the trend shouldn’t be all the surprising.

Despite the franchise’s positive trajectory, the Clippers and their fans have never experienced a fraction of the success that the Lakers and their fans have. The team just made their first Western Conference Finals appearance last season, after decades of disappointment. This reality breeds loyalty, and eliminates a level of entitlement that is produced by historical greatness.

Is it possible that Laker fans simply expect more from their team, explaining the discrepancy in these percentages? Perhaps. However, the franchise has simply had unmatched success, making the concept of failure more difficult for their fanbase to handle.

This seems to be the more logical explanation for these percentages, even if they aren’t a perfect representation of each fanbase.

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