Dan Abrams Calls Out Biden, Harris and Others Condemning Rittenhouse Verdict: ‘Impugning the Entire Judicial System’

Cover picture for the articleDan Abrams called out leaders across the U.S. political spectrum on Monday night for their reactions to the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial. Abrams, the host of Dan Abrams Live on Newsnation, warned that leaders ignoring the facts of the case and politicizing the verdict is not only wrong...

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He needs to find out what Biden is worth and then sue him for every penny. All the news channels that slandered him, lied about him as a white supremacist sue them too. This administration is so quick to call racism and white supremacy on everything. In this case he was not either. Biden talked about unity and transparency. I have only seen division. When you pull a racist card out (without knowing all the facts about that person) then your the one who is dividing the ppl and that is what this administration is doing.


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