Fox News Anchor Reluctantly Reveals ‘Concerns’ Over Tucker’s ‘False Flag’ Special

Daily Beast

Cover picture for the articleFox News chief political anchor Bret Baier squirmed on Monday when colleague Brian Kilmeade pressed him over reports that he was bothered by Tucker Carlson’s conspiracy-laden Jan. 6 “documentary,” eventually conceding that there were indeed “concerns” within the network over the unhinged special. During an appearance on Kilmeade’s Fox...

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Joey Ryan Yoakum

There is a portion of this article that says it all. The part that says Jennifer Griffen shot down the idea of a false flag before the series was released. Why are people so up in arms because people are showing another side to the story. There are real questions that should be answered. Who is Ray Epps and why isn't he charged with anything? He is on videos that air on all channels. Who is the guy in all red and why isn't he in custody? Why do people keep calling it an insurrection when nobody has been charged with such a crime? Why is it that nobody knows the left did the same thing at the Department of Interior one month ago and all that were arrested were released the same day? It really does show the extent to which most in politics and media would rather turn a blind eye to a view that doesn't fit their beliefs.

The Devil

No body going to speak the truth at Fox when lies are paying the bills If Tucker Carlson's lies are exposed by another Fox talking heads while they still at Fox the whole network of lies and garbage would collapse.These over paid entertainers are not giving up the gravy train just because people are dying and democracy is hanging by a thin and civil war is on the horizon👺


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