Exclusive: 28 percent of Americans surveyed believe the 'truth about harmful effects of vaccines' is being deliberately hidden from the public

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Cover picture for the articleThe results of a new poll shared exclusively with Yahoo News finds that 28 percent of U.S. adults believe without evidence that the “truth about the harmful effects of vaccines” is being deliberately hidden from the public. The findings are part of global research conducted by the YouGov-Cambridge Globalism...

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Simple question. If you are vaccinated and safe from the covid disease, why do you care if I decide to not be vaccinated? I await your thoughtful, educated and factual response!


They changed the definition of conspiracy theory to establish propaganda against “conspiracy theorists”. However, a good conspiracy theorist is first and foremost a skeptic. Facts and logic drive the exploration not tin foil hats. There is a reason people question the side effects of vaccines and believe adverse reactions are suppressed. The fact that less than 1% of adverse reactions are reported illustrate this concern. The fact that propaganda calls you a conspiracy theorist if you point this out, means they are hiding something.


Pfizer is trying o stop anyone from looking at their ingredients and process they used to get the vaccine they have . They don’t want anything released until 2074 . By then even vaccinated kids will be old . What are they hiding ? Since they’re FDA approved shouldn’t the immunity the government gave them from lawsuits for damages or deaths related to their vaccine ?


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