Meghan Markle's estranged father, Thomas Markle, says her interview on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' was embarrassing for the royal family

The Duchess of Sussex during her appearance on "Ellen" (left) and Thomas Markle (right).
  • Thomas Markle says Meghan's appearance on "The Ellen Show" was embarrassing for the royals.
  • During her appearance, Meghan took part in a number of prerecorded pranks.
  • "I've never seen a duchess behave this way, doing stupid stunts," Thomas told The Sunday Mirror.

The Duchess of Sussex's estranged father, Thomas Markle, criticized her appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

During Meghan Markle's appearance on the daytime talk show on Thursday, she discussed her new life in California with Prince Harry and her children's book, "The Bench."

She also took part in a number of pranks in a recorded segment of the show . DeGeneres gave Markle orders through an earpiece, including to eat "like a chipmunk" and to say she had healing powers.

"It's no way to behave. The whole thing was kind of embarrassing. It was certainly embarrassing for the royal family," Thomas Markle told The Sunday Mirror. "It's embarrassing for her as well. I suspect it embarrassed everyone in the UK, too.

"She's putting herself out there as a duchess but I've never seen a duchess behave this way, doing stupid stunts," he added.

During the interview, Markle recalled the car she used to get to her acting auditions, a Ford Explorer, and said she had to climb in through the trunk because the key had stopped working on the driver's car door.

"The Ford Explorer she had in her early 20s that she mentioned was a good running vehicle. I don't remember any time she had to crawl out of the back of it to get out, like she said," Thomas Markle told The Sunday Mirror.

"The doors worked fine on that vehicle until the day she got rid of it," he added.

Representatives for the Duchess of Sussex did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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Oh my gosh why does people think she has no rights to live? If you don't like it don't watch. She should do what she wants as long as she is not "hurting" someone so everyone needs to mind their own business.

Delpha Hicks

OMG ... he has ALOT OF ROOM TO TALK !! NO dumbass. the most embarrassing thing is you spewing garbage everytime you open your mouth🤮🤮🤮

Moni B.

MM is desperately trying to come across as relaxed, natural, comfortable, & hip....a relatable royal. The problem is that while she may not be "hurting" anyone physically or emotionally, she is attempting to be like Princess Diana and is failing in the process. Diana succeeded because while SHE descended from British nobility and she had opportunities beyond the average person, Diana had chosen to lead a life predominantly led by looking out and caring for & about other people. MM is trying to wear that mantle but it doesn't work because it's an impossibility for narcissists to do so.


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