Time Studios to Develop Animated Children’s Series Based on “Robotos” NFTs (Exclusive)

The Hollywood Reporter
The Hollywood Reporter

The NFTs are coming to children’s television.

Time Studios, the film and TV production division of the nearly 100-year-old magazine, is developing an animated children’s show based on the “Robotos,” a non-fungible token ( NFT ) project from artist Pablo Stanley.

The Robotos NFT collection consists of 10,000 randomly-generated droids made up of more than 170 different characteristics. it’s similar to other NFT avatar projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, though decidedly more family-friendly.

Time Studios’ recently-launched kids and family division will spearhead the project, and the company suggests that additional programming based on NFT-native intellectual property is in the development pipeline, with Maria Perez-Brown, the head of the kids and family division of the studio, saying that there is an “untapped opportunity to work alongside NFT creators” to bring their creations to film and TV.

“There is so much incredible IP being developed within the NFT space,” says Time president Keith Grossman. “As the ecosystem continues to develop and achieve mainstream adoption, we are proud of the role Time can play by providing these creators with our platform and access to alternative mediums, including film and broadcast.”

The Robotos project is one of the first examples of NFT-native IP being developed for film and TV. Up until now, most projects have been able to bring film, TV and music content to the NFT space, with companies like Fox , Warner Bros . and ViacomCBS developing projects based on their film and TV libraries or new releases. Some classic family fare, like the iconic Hello Kitty characters, are also being reworked into NFTs.

Still, there is a sign that entertainment companies are beginning to look at the NFT space as a source of IP. Perhaps most notably, Larva Labs, the creators of projects like CryptoPunks and MeeBits, announced that they would be represented by UTA as they explore the TV, film and gaming space.

Still, any new space that involves IP can be tricky to navigate, making NFT-specific deals like Time Studios’ deal with Pablo Stanley all the more important. Earlier this month Miramax sued filmmaker Quentin Tarantino over the director’s plans to sell NFTs based on his film Pulp Fiction , owing in part to an interpretation of the director’s 1993 contract from the film.

“​​It has always been my aspiration to bring characters to life and create a universe around them,” Stanley said in a statement. “With Robotos and Time joining forces, that dream is becoming a reality. I’m grateful to the NFT space, which has supported artists like me and has had such a positive impact on creators’ lives. NFTs are bringing art, community, and technology together to create something unique and innovative—the future of storytelling and world-building. I can’t wait to narrate the tales of our new characters and bring the Robotos and NFT community along for the ride.”

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