Ben Affleck allegedly furious, shocked over ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s engagement


Ben Affleck was allegedly shocked and furious after learning that his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, was already engaged, a report says.

Ben Affleck has reignited his romance with his ex-fiancee, Jennifer Lopez. They have been packing on the PDA in multiple outings. However, an outlet claimed he wasn’t happy after learning about Jennifer Garner’s rumored engagement.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been amicable after their divorce. They still spend some time together as they co-parent with their kids. Affleck is already in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Meanwhile, Garner reportedly got back with John Miller.

Although Lopez and Affleck seemed to be open about tying the knot in the future, he was allegedly not happy with Garner doing the same, so her rumored engagement infuriated him.

“The news was a complete shock to Ben, who reportedly had no idea about her big move!” an unnamed source told New Idea. Some alleged that Affleck was just jealous, so he was furious. Unnamed sources claimed that Lopez wasn’t enough to distract him from his ex-wife.

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One should take the report with a grain of salt for many reasons. Gossip Cop investigated the report and found a lot of issues in it.

First, Garner and John Miller have never announced their engagement. Garner sparked engagement rumors when she was seen wearing a diamond ring in an Instagram video. However, the ring was never found in her subsequent public outings. So, one should not take the engagement rumors seriously.

Second, some claimed that Ben Affleck was just jealous. However, Affleck and Garner are only friends and nothing more. The outlet

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Last year, Garner and her pal Bradley Cooper went to the beach in Malibu. The sighting made headlines shortly before her split from Miller was reported. However, the rumor-debunking site said Affleck didn’t even notice it. He was too busy with his girlfriend at the time, Ana de Armas.

Third, New Idea has a questionable reputation when it comes to its reports about Affleck and Garner. Shortly before Affleck and de Armas split, the outlet claimed they were planning to marry and have kids.

It also alleged that the Justice League star starved himself for the Knives Out actress’ approval.

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Fourth, Affleck is aware of Garner’s relationship with Miller. His ex-wife and Miller split a year ago and reconciled less than a year after they separated. So, it wouldn’t be shocking to him if they got engaged.

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Ruthann Brower

typical let me rub my girl friend in your face but heaven forbid you get a life. Go Away Ben you let the best go. you had it in your power to save your life. YOU CHOSE NOT TOO. CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER GARNER CLASSY LADY. I WISH YOU WELL.

Deidre Williamson

It isn’t about him!!! Vanity much Ben?! She deserves to be happy without you. You are no longer in her life except as a co parent to your children. If you’ve moved on why can’t she. She serves a life.

Juana Castillo

I knew it. J.L. has no class , she will continue to manipulate him for a quick marriage 👎.Ben, your ex wife is too much of a woman and J.L. is not going to cut it.


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