‘Blue Bloods’: Meet the Actress Who is Playing Angela Riddick, Newcomer Introduced by Frank Reagan
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Last Friday night, Blue Bloods introduced a newcomer to Frank Reagan’s dream team. So, who is this actress playing Angela Riddick?. Let’s take a look, Outsiders. IMDb informs us that she’s Ilfanesh Hadera. She attended the Harlem School of the Arts in New York City. Then Hadera moved on to attend...

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Carolyn Chapman

It is a shame people bring race into things. Angela's leaving did not have anything to do with race. In my opinion she was not that good in the role she was playing and did not add anything to the program. It's a great show.


I am tried of every newscaster, weather person, tv commercials, new actors added to series that are always BLACK. It's like they have to push as hard as they can. One commercial comes to mind of two black guys who kiss at the end. Come on, get over having race, gender and gays in our face.


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