My son has been bullying an overweight kid — and I feel like a failure

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleA distraught mom has taken to TikTok saying she feels like a failure after learning her 7-year-old son is a bully. The mom, named Beth, posted an emotional video to the social media site last week detailing the moment she learned her boy had attacked an overweight peer while onboard a...

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Winter Widow

First of all get off TicTok and pay more attention to your child and what he is doing if you think social media is the answer then you need therapy!!! Maybe some parenting classes!!!!!!!

Sandy Tmobile

I only had to do this once. I talked to the police department on picking him up on why that I need help to save my child from getting worse. and then to call me 3 hours after to come get him after they were done. they took him after school when most kids were gone from the office in handcuffs and put him in there car he was scared to extream . they read him his rights and explain his charges on bulling and flipping tray's and that's why he's being locked up with other kid's yes Oregon has a kid prison. after they worked on him and worn him down he can here them ask me if I can afford to pay bail for him it's alot. I went down I got the biggest huge of my life and there was no more bulling ever done. infact he graduated and a dad of two. never been in trouble. thanks to the help of the police department.

Chinedu E

You did not fail unless you have given up. Take charge of your kid and teach the child some manners and etiquettes. Unless you are bullying him at home and being a friend instead of a parent , they will not dish out same treatment to other people. It is time to take charge and not give up!


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