As two Fox contributors quit over Tucker Carlson, an alarming truth is revealed

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleIt is fitting that two Fox News contributors have severed their ties with the network over Tucker Carlson’s glorification of Jan. 6 at exactly the moment when more than 150 scholars are sounding a loud, clanging alarm about the future of our democracy. Opinions to start the day, in...

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Peter Bryant

The demise of American democracy started with the selection of Beijing Biden to be President of the United States. Since the day of his swearing in American Democracy has been circling the bowl on the way into the sewers of communism.


They can’t handle the truth! So I say ta ta! Tucker speaks the truth. 1/6 is being weaponized by the radical left(The current presidential administration) in order to keep truth justice and the American way at bay. The radical left wants complete power over all and the only way to achieve this is to demonize those that would put their power in jeopardy.

Pamela Mahaffey

Biden administration has swept everything under the rug and especially the Afghanistan deaths of many of our people, the border wall with Harris's great speech "DO NOT COME". 😂 NO, WONDER WE'RE THE ABSOLUTE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD. Biden and Harris are the Trojans of the united states that were out into office to finish what the Obama Administration had started. Tucker Carlson is 100% true American who speaks nothing but the truth. at least he had the balls enough to admit one of his kids were their on the 6th. Biden and his son have been wiping the Chinese asses for years for their own benefit. please ....give it a rest about Tucker.


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