Does Lamar Jackson Have Doo-Doo Ass Or What

Cover picture for the articleRavens quarterback Lamar Jackson was a late and unexpected scratch from Baltimore’s Week 11 road game against the crummy Bears. Jackson, who’d had a cold earlier in the week, said he was “feeling great” after practicing Friday, suggesting he was on track to play. So what the hell happened? Random weight-room...

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Robert Jeffrey Todd Fargher

Based on his exit last year of a game, and his return to the field shortly after to win the game, and not knowing him personally, he may have Crohn's or something similar. It doesn't mean he should be denigrated by an article like this. He has had to endure being under the microscope because of his immense talent and people's penchant for mean spirited criticism. Leave this young, decent man alone. He brings a lot to the table as a football player and human being, not the least of which is the joy we get watching him perform incredible feats on the Gridiron. GO LAMAR!;!


writer needs to find another job while he is doo dooing


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