Meri Brown Accuses Kody Of Manipulating Coyote Pass Build

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown accuses Kody Brown of manipulating their plans to build on their shared property. TV Shows Ace just recapped the premiere of Season 16. The Brown family is returning to the network tonight. Another season of the Browns means more marital tension and family drama....

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Happy cat

So now Kody wants his OWN place?! Are you serious! What a a-hole! Although Meri and Janelle love the idea of not having Kody living with them I'd think Robyn would have a serious meltdown over that thought.

Karen Corsello

I don't understand why Meri would want a house there. Kody told Meri to her face that there is no future for them. He has no intentions of having having any kind of romantic or intimate relationship with her. Kody isn't even cordial to Meri.

Vicki Morris

I agree with Meri, Kody is manipulating how things will be done on property. He already proved he couldn’t be trusted. Robyn is a terrible mom and I don’t think she would be able to take care of her kids like the other sister wives did and are without kodys help. I have never heard or see Robyn agree with anything on their property with the other sister wives on anything they want, she controls Kody. Then kody controls other wives on what she wants.


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