Lakers Pau Gasol Spends Time with Kobe Bryant’s’ Daughters


Pau Gasol has been a constant presence in Kobe Bryant’s daughters’ lives. After the traffic deaths of Kobe and Gianna, Gasol has made it a point to spend more time with Bryant’s’ daughters.

Gasol and his wife named their first child after Gianna, Kobe’s daughter who was with him in that fateful crash. Vanessa Bryant was named as the godmother of Gasol’s infant.

In Gasol’s Amazon documentary, Pau Gasol: It’s About the Journey, Gasol tears up when talking about what Kobe and him planned to do in the future.

"He used to tell me, 'I'll send you my daughters so you can teach them about culture, awareness, things. And you send me your sons and I'll teach them to be tough, to fight, to work and go for it.' Well, I'll try to be there for his daughters."

The Spaniard has been true to his word, as he is often spotted spending time with Bryant’s’ daughters. Earlier this month, he was spotted playing golf with Kobe’s older daughter, Natalie, and spent time with the Bryant family during Halloween dressed in Star Wars gear.

Just this morning, Vanessa Bryant posted some clips of Pau Gasol, and Rob Pelinka hanging out with her daughters at the Lakers practice facility.

Safe to say, there will be more heartening photos and videos of Gasol being a constant presence in Bryant’s daughters’ lives. It seems as a lock that Gasol will honor the Mamba’s wishes of teaching his daughters to be more cultured and aware of things.

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