Gottlieb says that "at some point," COVID-19 vaccines could be considered a "three-dose vaccine"

CBS News

Cover picture for the articleFormer FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said Sunday on "Face the Nation" that he thinks "at some point" Americans who received the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines would be considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 after three doses, although likely "not this year." "I think eventually this will be considered the...

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Nicole Ann-Marie

Why stop at 3? Soon it will be an every 6 months you need your booster... but do people even have antibodies? Bc I have natural antibodies from natural CV infection and we are at 8 months strong 💪

Kyle Foth

then four then 5 or then six it will never end and it is poison and the poison vaccine is what keeps making the pandemic get worse and make it mutate and you are all falling for it just like it says the sheeple will in the bible wake up everyone the great deception

Shamus All

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! HELLO!? HOW CAN YOU BE SO GULLIBLE!? The FDA has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2076 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to license Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. That is not a typo. It wants 55 years to produce this information to the public. As explained in a prior article, the FDA repeatedly promised "full transparency" with regard to Covid-19 vaccines. 55 years will ensure that all of those at Pfizer will be dead before they can be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.


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