Scottie Pippen Says Playing Without Michael Jordan In 1994 Was Some Of The Most Fun He Had In His Career: "It Was Just An Enjoyable Time To Play The Game."

Cover picture for the articleNo star duo achieved as much success and notoriety as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in the 1990s. At the peak of their run together, they won six Championships in an 8-year span, forever marking their place in NBA history. Unfortunately, it seems all is not well between the...

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King Johnson

fun huh? I remember you 9n national tv wearing jordans, pointing to the jumpman logo begging him to come back..... So you must have had soooooo much "fun" without dude huh? 😆 scottie out here trolling the world.

my mind

Of course it was fun. Selfishly. Now he could be number one but did the team win a championship? No. Know Your place Scottie. You're a professional in the NBA… Is the goal for you to have fun or for the team to win championships? Robin needed Batman to stay relevant

Kinney Mcrae

Scottie shut-up. You are a grown, wealthy man. Stop whinning. Your credibility, integrity is at stake. People around the globe want you to go home and lick your wounds. You are totally unbelieveable now. Yeah, you LOST one.


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