Steve Kerr Explains how Jonathan Kuminga Reminds him of Kawhi Leonard


Jonathan Kuminga has been compared to Kawhi Leonard quite a bit since his time at the G-League, and it's something that's followed him into the NBA. Warriors coach Steve Kerr compared Kuminga's current situation with the team to Kawhi Leonard's previous rookie situation with the Spurs.

"He’s not the focal point, but he can be part of it, without having to shoulder the responsibility of all of the decision-making," Kerr said, to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater. "Then when it comes times for him to make a decision or make a play, he’s just doing the simple thing. That’s a great sign for a young guy. In terms of his big-picture development, this is a great time for him to be laying the foundation. That’s what he’s doing."

Kuminga is a 6'8" small forward / power forward with a build somewhat similar to Kawhi Leonard. Despite some similarities in their frames, their wingspan is completely different - Kuminga has a 6-foot-11 wingspan and Leonard has a 7-foot-3 wingspan.

Reggie Hearn, Kuminga's former G-League, also compared the rookie to Kawhi Leonard last season.

"When you ask what some of (Kuminga's) strengths are ... strength is one of them," Hearn said to media in 2020. "He really knows how to use his body well, and I've said this before, his game reminds me of Kawhi Leonard a lot."

The future is very bright for Jonathan Kuminga. He's received a ton of praise, is currently playing for the best team in the NBA, and is in a fantastic situation.

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