Marvel Star Threatens Disney to “Recast” Him If They Don’t Accommodate His Rule

Inside the Magic

Cover picture for the articleWhen it comes to recasting anyone in the MCU, the topic is often very touchy as Marvel fans tend to fall in love with certain characters. Recently, the most recasting that we have seen was through Disney+’s animated series What If…? As not all of the original Marvel actors were able...

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val mc

Family first. You never get back all the milestones you might miss. Id miss him as Hawkeye, but understand why he is saying what he said. ❤

Melanie Davis Ryan

America is way low on the pole in family values w/ work/life balance. Before you argue with me, please read up on it. I guess it's all relative on the lifestyle you want to lead and what career you want. But there are people out there who never really got to know their parents at times because their parents are never around. Show business is a totally different animal with the travel and schedules involved... unless your family can travel with you, a lot of times you are up for a lot of away time.


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