Tiffany Haddish Says She Waxes "All The Hair" Off Her "Lady Parts" After A Break-Up And Twitter Is A Bit Baffled

Cover picture for the articleTiffany Haddish probably shared a little too much about her grooming habits on social media this week, prompting an avalanche of questions from her fans after she asked if anyone else regularly waxed off all of the hair on their "lady parts" following a break-up. "Before I cut all...

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Anita Rochelle

Yeah, she ready, but that's not ALWAYS a good thing. You can't even tell your business to 1 supposedly friend. Tiffany puts too much of her business in public for millions to...............

Phyllis Jardine

Yessssssss, girlllll you know you right. Then soak in a tub. Love u, just live your best life because you earned it. keep shinning. Prayer is a must..........without Jesus Chirst on your one survives.


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