Video: Mike Tyson shows off deadly combinations in response to Logan Paul

Cover picture for the articleThe proposed boxing match between Mike Tyson and Logan Paul is still in the works, but “Iron Mike” seems ready to unleash all hell on the social media influencer. It’s not a classic clash of combat starts but Tyson and Paul are expected to meet sometime in early 2022 in what...

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John Blackburn

Make it a real title fight...Iron Mike has the same right that George Forman had when he came back and won the championship! Mike still has what it takes!

Robert Frost

Make the fight winner by knockout and winner takes all, then I may watch it. No more contracts that don't let the fighters rough up the YouTubers.

Septimus Severus

Tyson hits too hard!!!even if he was sparring and try to take it easy he will still hurt you!!! once he is in motion it's hard to hold back the power in those combinations.. he was playing an still hurt Roy Jones Body imagine what he would do to Paul.. Tyson is not a game you cannot play with a loaded firearm!!!!


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