Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally admits the truth about Logan Paul fight

Larry Brown Sports
Larry Brown Sports
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Floyd Mayweather defeated Logan Paul in a boxing exhibition match in June. Five months later, Mayweather is finally admitting the harsh truth about the exhibition. Paul, 26, is a social media personality. Though he has an athletic background, he is far from a professional boxer. That’s why people were so surprised...

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Super Saiyan

Actual boxing fans know the truth. Same goes for his fight with Connor McGregor. He is taking advantage of this new social media culture that has no knowledge of anything and believes everything they see. I would too if they were going to pay me 200 million dollars. These people today have nothing genuine or unique about them so they are easily taken advantage of.


If you truly needed Mayweather to tell youThat this fight was not legit than you truly do not know boxing and should not have any opinions from here on out about boxing

Seth Berg

no no no no. you would have been giving people Thier money worth if you would have knocked both of them out in the first round.


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