Dwyane Wade’s emphatic one-word reaction to verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse trial

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Retired Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade offered a one-word endorsement of the criticism directed at the not guilty verdict in the controversial trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse was acquitted of first-degree intentional homicide as well as four additional felony charges stemming from protests over police brutality that took place in Kenosha,...

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Edward Smith

The case is over, no need in talking about it no more, the jury made the verdict, so there is nothing you can do about it, so live with it! I understand what you all are saying about the shoe on the other foot, but that didn't happen!

John m Bennett

You can thank Biden for your boys being locked up for drugs he pushed the bill that got all them locked up to being with

Walter Bergmann

So the statement made is completely false in many ways. First he DID NOT have a automatic weapon. 2nd you can't claim crossing state lines when he works and has family there. Interesting fact those shot did not. (who had more right to be there?) When ok killed his wife and walked did white people riot and protest? No.....


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