The Kardashians Think Kim and Pete Davidson’s Relationship Could Become ‘Serious’: They ‘Are All for It’

US Magazine

Cover picture for the articleSupportive! Kim Kardashian is still exploring her relationship with Pete Davidson, but he has already won over her famous family. “The family is happy for Kim, and they really have taken a liking to Pete,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “A lot of the Kardashians met him in the past...

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Walt George

you no what.. it sad that these women that most females look up to are more weaker than the average women out there. Do you notice that the most beautiful sexy and rich.. most actress singers and ( reality star).. they're in and out these flings all the time.. make you wonder what is wrong with these people.. why can they find love and maintain it.. then after one fling ends there make front page with the next guy like it's real breaking news.. the first one to show interest. a rating magnet.. people just watch who you base real life off of..

Ramras Montgomery

they're all just having fun. Kim is not going to venture into a l in ng-term relationship with someone so young. Pete's relationship don't last long. I just think they're in a 'right now' relationship.

Gloria Fischer

That is one unattractive man. The Kaetrashians fascinate me in that regard. Although I thought Ye was cute.


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