Young Dolph Reportedly Owned Over 100 Memphis Properties & Bought Foreclosures For His Children's Birthdays

Cover picture for the articleThe the days since legendary Memphis rapperYoung Dolph was tragically shot and killed in his hometown, tributes from every corner of the internet have poured in. Speaking to the legacy he leaves behind as a musician, as well as the legacy he leaves behind as a man and a father, seemingly...

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CJ Gonzalez

See what happens when you are successful, it brings jealousy and envy from your own people, not the police, not the white man, but your own people, sad

Natalie Tyson

Generational wealth he was a Smart young man I pray all his affairs where in order so his legacy can continue 💯 , his children are fatherless , his mother motherless , siblings lost their brother , and his girlfriend/fiance lost a lifelong partner Sending my prayers and condolences to Young Dolph children , family , and friends Gone Too Soon 🙏🏾🕊️

Tena Marie

Oftentimes when you reach such successful heights, you can't go back to your hometown because of jealousy and envy. I wish he was smart enough to know this unless he had other beef with someone they aren't talking about? With the crime rate as high as it is in Memphis, I don't think I'd invest in any properties there ( if I had that kind of money). Sometimes you just have to pick up and go, and never look back. People will say, you're acting funny, but at least you'd be alive. My heart goes out to his mother, children and wife.


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