What the Catholic Church Is Not, in Four Words

Cover picture for the articleIn my discernment that ultimately led to coming into full communion with the Catholic Church, one of my biggest challenges was figuring out just what the Church is. For years as a Protestant, every Sunday I rattled off the same formula that Catholics do: “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.” I ultimately...

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Randolph Stowe

The current problem with the Catholic Church is that this Pope is not a Catholic or any other kind of Christian. He is a Marxist who panders to Communists, including Communist China and Cuba, Islamists, and Democrat death cultists, like Biden and Obama, who support the unrestricted taxpayer funded slaughter of tens of millions of God's most innocent sentient pre-born and recently born babies. He is high on the list of the most evil persons alive. This comes just a few decades after the great John Paul II helped Ronald Reagan break up the Soviet Union.


Everyone just needs to do ur own research to discover the's there...pray for God's wisdom to understand I'm 68 years young and our Dad warned us about the Catholic Religion..(being raised as a catholic himself).. do not be a follower be a leader and ARM yourselves with the TRUTH.!! People it's time to wake up.!! the Truth always hurts if you let it.! or the truth can set u FREE.! may God forgive us and guide us to see the truth.! 🙏🙏🙏


The Catholic Church is a fraud exactly what Jesus Christ said. Many (all) would come in my name but would be false. The first Christian religion created was in the 4th Century which was a Catholic Religion. The Catholic religion has betrayed every single Catholic that has followed this fake religion. All the popes from the beginning was based not 100% of the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is fact.


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