Local man tested positive for COVID but then developed mental psychosis


Cover picture for the articleBAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. — A Bainbridge Island man's world was turned upside down after he developed a crippling case of psychosis following his recovery from COVID-19. Ivan Agerton, 51, does not know where he contracted the coronavirus, but he is certain that the mystery virus left him with a mental condition...

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Kimberly Brown

This is sad...China and Fauchi HAS to be held responsible for this whole pandemic! Fauchi through "gain of function" (making a virus that's not contractible, contractible AND adding other viruses to it to make it more deadly) HE DID THAT with the lab in Wuhan! He tried to lie about it but got told on by a university... I am convinced that China let this out on purpose, a Chinese virologist from the Wuhan lab that defected to the US said IT WAS RELEASED INTENTIONALLY! She was shut down after getting on TV and saying that! Why would China ban travel to anywhere else in China from Wuhan BUT allow anyone in Wuhan travel ANYWHERE else around the world??? C'mon and NOOOW with this Alzheimer's patient as a POTUS that's getting kickbacks from china through his crackhead son HUNTER isn't even saying anything about or to China about any of this... It's ALL BS


Shocking UK study shows that the vaccinated die at twice the rate of unvaccinated due to ALL cause mortality. Also fellow Americans Biden is now "open" to requiring you to get yet another shot in order to retain your vaccinated status. Are you signing up for this very "effective" vaccine that needs to be given every 4-6 months in order to retain your social freedom?

deni g

They do NOT outnumber, the unvaccinated. vaccinated very, rarely end up there. The vaccine has alerted our immune system to get stronger, something is coming. The ones that die do not have time to build up antibodies, Covid destroys Much faster than our bodies can build immunity AND attempt to repair. It is past our defense so easily, because not recognized. By the time we know it is an invader, it's too late. Why masks? why seatbelts? Not caring about your life is fine, but endangering the rest of a group, Not Cool.


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