Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster
 7 days ago

Cover picture for the articleHARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — At a busy market in a poor township outside Harare this week, Nyasha Ndou kept his mask in his pocket, as hundreds of other people, mostly unmasked, jostled to buy and sell fruit and vegetables displayed on wooden tables and plastic sheets. As in much of Zimbabwe,...

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Tina Ray
7d ago

Since we still don't have a vaccine that stops transmission looks like natural immunity is better. Iarael was the worlds example for the vaccine (almost fully vaccinated and they're still having outbreaks not to mention Gibralter who are 100% vaccinated and still cases)and then heres Africa 6% vaccinated....Looks like Africa is better off without the vaccines

7d ago

That’s because they take HCQ on a regular basis. They take it once a week to keep other diseases away. It’s cheap and effective. Remember this is the drug that the USA made sure nobody could get.

Li Span
7d ago

They use Ivermectin to prevent the river blindness disease and other parasites...this is how Ivermectin became popular for covid.


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