Hospice Nurse Goes Viral for Revealing Her Patient’s Last Words

Scrubs Magazine

Cover picture for the articleOne hospice nurse uses social media to talk about an uncomfortable subject: death. Her videos capture how beautiful a person’s last moments can be. In addition to caring for their basic needs, she also provides spiritual and emotional care to her patients when they are close to the end. It’s all...

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Donna K. Hill Lewis

My experience with hospice caring for my mother was not good! Mom did not have the 24 hour care in her last days, as we were told she would. And in her last few hours, it took a hospice nurse over 3 hours to get there. Mom passed shortly after. My sister & I were devastated at the lack of care with hospice which made our mothers passing much more difficult. It's still bothersome as it's not been 2 years yet that we lost Mom. Prayers for all who have loved ones in hospice. I've always heard great stories of hospice caretaking. Our experience was not good.


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