Dwyane Wade reveals his reaction to daughter Zaya telling him she was transgender

Cover picture for the articleDwyane Wade describes his daughter Zaya, who came out as transgender when she was 12, as "one of the greatest teachers of my life." In a wide-ranging Instagram Live interview on Thursday with TODAY contributor Jill Martin, the retired basketball star talked about his upbringing, his NBA career and his efforts...

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I Am Telling You The Truth

Who cares if you allow your boy to wear girl's clothes? Why are you insistent on sharing this information with the world? Why is that child always the focus of every interview? You have 4 kids. He was born a boy, and he will always be a guy. Clothes and a name change doesn't change that. This is a mental illness. Get your son the help he needs. Gender is assigned at birth.


I have nothing against transgender but I’d like to avoid anyone in my family especially my son or daughter. I just don’t want that for my child. No offense just not for me

Janice Moody

This is a boy!! Stop !!! This is nothing to be proud of perhaps if you had been a real Father and a role model he would have had a real man to mode and instruct him!!! The public really do not want or need an update in what your family dynamics are!!


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